Holy guacamole, this past June marked the one year anniversary of the Role Kickstarter! Where has the time gone? It feels like we closed our Kickstarter just a few months ago. This also means that Role Early Access has now been live for the public for over six months! I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year since we successfully closed our Kickstarter, and take peek at what’s to come.

October 2020: Private Early Access

Cast of DND Steampunk Height Adventure on Twitch
Cast of DND Steampunk Height Adventure on Twitch
via Team Liquid Twitch channel

Something really cool happened on Friday: Team Liquid, one of the premier esports organizations, hosted a massive PrideFest stream that was a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot. That’s right, the org with teams for every major esports game and dozens of championships, empowered Game Master Gabe Hicks to take over their stream for a roleplaying session. This is amazing in multiple ways and I believe a historic moment for tabletop roleplaying games!

First off, having this stream being run under the banner of PrideFest meant it was explicitly in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. The panel of players were diverse…

Image: Universal via Financial Times
WARNING: Spoilers ahead! You may want to consider revisiting this after you have seen the film.

Cats is a feline fever dream. And quite possibly the cinematic experience of the year. Not because it is the best film, or even a great one, but because of its sheer audacity to be such an unapologetically weird movie. It is a Hollywood blockbuster film, with A-List talent, that makes little to no sense. This is quite the accomplishment, and one I was not prepared for.

Sing me a song of your story

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Image via Disney
WARNING: Spoilers ahead! You may want to consider revisiting this after you have seen the film.

We’ve reached the end. The end of a saga that began in 1977 and was told over multiple generations of people. Expectations have been reasonably high, especially to those that had grown up with Star Wars, that lived through the release of the prequels, the acquisition of Lucas Arts by Disney, and the beginning of the new wave of Star Wars storytelling. I admittedly am someone who had high expectations coming off of The Last Jedi. When the subtitle The Rise of Skywalker was…

Entering the new year has been bitter sweet for me. On the plus side, I will be starting a new job at a company I’m very excited to be working for (more on this later), but sadly that means I will no longer be working on The Soap Collective in a full-time capacity.

Soap was borne out of the desire for Logan Dwight and I to explore creative storytelling through future tech. Our goal was to create experiences that were diverse and inclusive. Experiences that glorified traits we felt lacked significant representation in our media such as empathy, creativity, and…

Immersive tech is on the rise and the industry is working as fast and hard as possible to get mass market appeal. With the release of ARKit and ARCore everyone is excited to be able to build immersive experiences for hundreds of millions of users. It is without a doubt great for the XR industry as a whole, but I think it is a mistake to deem VR in trouble or out of the running.

I keep thinking about this tweet from Tony Parisi:

VR and AR have more of symbiotic relationship than a contentious one. For a majority…

The inaugural IMAX VR has opened on Fairfax Avenue in LA. It has already boasted an impressive 20,000 unique visitors with ~$15,000 in weekly revenue, and that was back in April! I finally made my way over to the VR center to check out what the future of U.S. VR arcades might be like.

We can all agree that enums have been quite handy in Swift. We can also agree that dealing with sectioned data in a UITableView is a pain. By leveraging Swift Enumerations managing table view data can be a breeze.

The Problem

The Solution

1. Setting up our TableSection enum

Creating a enum is fairly straightforward. There are a couple important…

April 17th’s top VR links

SpaceX is taking SpaceVR’s cameras into orbit to deliver the astronaut experience to everyone through VR

It’s really cool to see VR being used to bring new perspectives to people. From SpaceVR’s CEO, Ryan Holmes:

“When [astronauts] go into space, they have this really deep, emotional feeling, it’s almost like they’re awakening to the universe… I saw them as being much better people, much more connected to other people [as a result of] seeing our place in the universe. I realized that once that happens to everyone, we’ll fundamentally live in a different world as a species, because we’ll all think differently. …

Ian Hirschfeld

Software Engineer and Co-Founder of Role, Inc. I’m a media junkie and VR enthusiast.

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